Consumer Industries

Consumer products are one of the broadest areas supported by Epson Robots. The applications possibilities for robots are endless and Epson Robots are used for hundreds and hundreds of different consumer product applications today. From paint brush manufacturing to window and door assemblies to speakers and even chain saws and weed trimmers Epson Robots have built millions of consumer products used in the world today. Our wide variety of arm types and selection as well as high precision and high performance allows us to find the perfect fit for most consumer product applications brought our way. Show us your parts and we’ll be glad to help find solutions for your next consumer product application.

Product Characteristics:
  • Appliance touch panel assembly
  • Paint brush assembly
  • Electronic toothbrush assembly
  • Door lock assembly
  • Printer component assembly
  • Speaker manufacturing
  • Chain saw motor assembly
  • Light bulb assembly
  • Appliance assembly
  • Air freshener assembly
  • Writing instrument assembly