Lab Automation Industries

Epson Robots use in lab automation has been growing at rapid pace over the past few years due to the addition of our C3 6-Axis robots and wide variety of G-Series and unique RS-Series SCARA robots. Applicationssuch as pipette handling or dispensing, precision fluid dispensing, blood analysis/testing, and many more are being done by Epson Robots in labs and hospitals every day. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of lab automation applications so let us help you find a solution for your next application. Shown below are a few of the applications where Epson Robots are being used.

Product Characteristics:
  • Pipette packaging
  • Test tube capping
  • Handling of test tubes for diagnostics
  • Blood analysis/testing
  • Precision fluid dispensing for DNA testing
  • Drug research testing
  • Well plate inspection & processing
  • Test tube inspection