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Laser & Plasma Cutting

Neptune Systems

i) Laser Cutting Machine for Metal & Non- Metal

We are offering the best laser & plasma-cutting Machines from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Cooling system with Automatic Alarm system.

Square rail and ball screw transmission enable machine high precision & stable performance

Optical components adopt imported USS 26 mirrors and ZNSE focus lens for high quality cutting effect.

Constant Optical source to fix the laser path ensure stable beam transmission.

Japan YASKAWA and PANASONIC servo motors and drives.

Main Performance and Technical Data:
Working Area 1300X2500 / 1500X3000
Working Environment Temperature 0-45 Degree, Humidity 5% to 95%
Cooling Water
Laser output power 300W/500W / 1000W
Energy 0-100 Step less control
Adjustment 0-100% Adjustment(Software)
Laser Type Co2 Sealed Laser Tube
Support Format PLT,DST,DXF,BMP.AL, Support Auto CAD, CorelDraw
Control System Digital Offline Control
Drive System Servo motors & Drives with high precision Ball screw
Voltage AC200V/110V+/-10 50Hz/60Hz
Accuracy 0.05mm
Letter Size English :2mm

ii) 3D Laser Cutting Robot

  • It is an extremely flexible high-precision cutting device.
  • The entrance of three-axis laser guarantees the complete operation of the robot.
  • No mechanical contact with the work piece and then simplifying the loaning
  • Low maintenance, 8 hour per year
  • High execution speed
  • Excellent level of finish of the board, lint-free
  • High cutting speed
  • Equipped with RF laser sources
  • Low operating costs
  • Programming
    a. Off line via ―robot studio
    b. By self-learning
  • The optic connection with articulated arm means that robots and lasers can be optimized for specific applications due to its high flexibility, for many applications such as:
  • Finishing compounds of sports goods and protective equipment
Neptune Systems
Sl. No Description Specification Remarks
1 Robot to suit machine model 200T
2 Strip (Kick) Stroke ( X Axis) (min)mm 250 Can be customized as per Requirement
3 Vertical stroke (Y Axis) (min)mm 800
4 Traverse Stroke (Z Axis)(min)mm 1200
5 C –Axis 90-180 Degree
6 A- Axis ( rotation ) None
7 Max Pay load (Kg) 4
8 Placement/Unload Side On Conveyor / work table
9 X - Axis speed (m/s) .3
10 Y - axis speed -Vertical axis (m/s) .5
11 Z - Axis (m/s) .3
12 Part placement height from floor(mm) 1100
13 Maximum part length(mm)
Sl. No Description Specification Remarks
14 Maximum part height(mm)
15 Required Air pressure (Bar) 5-6
16 Vacuum Circuit Vacuum generator Pneumatic gripper
17 Pneumatic Circuit Yes
18 freely programmable Input Yes
19 freely programmable Output Yes
20 Control PLC
21 Teach Box HMI
22 Control Software Ladder Base
23 Gripper interface PLC
24 Conveyor Signal Through Control Panel
25 Gripper interface PLC
26 Gripper function Suction (Vacuum) Pneumatic gripper

iii) Robotic Plasma/ Laser Cutting and Drilling for Angles and Channels

Neptune Systems
Machine Capability
Produces Quality Bolt Holes (Approved for Structural Joints) YES
Maximum Hole Diameter 24'' (609 mm)
Produce Layout Marks for Clips & Stiffeners YES
Downloads from Design / Detailing Software (TEKLA, SDS/2, StruCAD, ProSTEEL, AUTOCAD) ANY SHAPE
Time to Cut-to-Length one W24 x100 1 MIN 15 SEC
Automatic Part Handling (set it and forget it) YES
Cut Copes with CNC Accuracy YES
Make Cutouts for Bracing & Knife Connections YES
Text Scribing (any size) YES
Fabricate Complete Stair Stringers (including Tread Layout) YES
Miter Cut YES
Cut Slots & Any Other Shapes YES
Rip I-Beams into T-Beams YES
Tool Change Required NEVER
Overall Production Output FASTEST

iv) Plasma Cutting Machines

A versatile CNC cutting machine which can be applied throughout the industry reaching from small workshops to big factories. The application range of the entry version with rails in X direction dedicated to fully automated oxyfuel cutting or cutting with conventional plasma can be enhanced to a variety of high precision plasma cutting applications including pipe, profile or elbow cutting and marking.

We provide quality Plasma Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines. These machines have dual usages such as it is used for plasma as well as oxy fuel. These machines are suitable for accurate cutting of carbon steel with various thickness, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal plate. These machines are non-corrosive and require minimal maintenance.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durability

Main Performance and Technical Data

Working length 3000 – 30000 mm
Working width 1500 – 4000 mm
Max. number of tool stations 4 (6G)
Max. thickness of material cut by plasma according to a plasma source
Max. thickness of material cut by oxyfuel 150 mm (optionally 200 mm )
Positioning speed up to 30 m/min (depends on version)
Positioning accuracy ± 0,12
Neptune Systems
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

v) Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

In recent years, laser cutting technology has become more and more widely used in metal cutting and non-metal cutting in the processing industry of sheet metal, handicrafts, etc. The technology of laser cutting machines is quite mature, and the optical fibre cutting machine is the cutting machine using the fibre laser generator as the light source is different from the small laser engraving machine in that it can perform both plane cutting and bevel cutting, and the edges are neat, smooth, and widely used, compared with ordinary laser cutting machines. It saves space and gas consumption, and has a high photoelectric conversion rate. It is a new energy-saving and environmentally friendly product and one of the leading technology products in the world.

  • Ultra-low cost
  • Only consumes electricity per hour - KW
  • High speed
  • High efficiency
  • High precision
  • Cutting speed of up to ten meters per minute
  • Cutting edge quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible and convenient.
Machine type TC-A3-3015-T5
Name Metal Laser Cutting Machine
X, Y working area 1500mm*3000mm
Cutting focus camera F=80mm
Master/slave pulsed laser power supply Output-500w, frequency-300Hz, Power supply width- 0.5-2ms
Laser tube YAG 1.64um, double gold –plating cavity
Computer 19'LCD
Cutting Interface card CNC 3000 control card
Cutting Software PLT.DXF format and etc.
Cooling System Refrigeration power : 4 HP
Driving motor Japan Yaskawa Servo-driven
X/Y/Z screw Taiwan Hiwin C3 grade grinding screw
X/Y/Z rail 25H grade square rail HIWIN
Repeatable Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
Empty Speed 0-20000mm/min
Cutting Speed 0-15000mm/min

vi) Portable Plasma/ Flame Cutting Machine

  • Machine Base have good stability
  • Double side rail with high accuracy and
  • Detachable structural Design convenient to Transport and install Rigid Rail made in Steel
  • CNC micro Step control Technology Light & portable
  • High reliability, such as anti-plasma jamming, and lightning strike, Surge
  • 32-64MB large users program storage capacity.
  • During plasma processing, auto-complete the speed Control of the corner
  • Rich software features and practical flame/plasma cutting processes
  • Dynamic graphics zoom in 1-8X of the graphics, fixed point for automatic tracking
  • Using USB Flash Drive reading helps in easy program management & software up-gradation
  • Built-in the rich graphics, makes programming easy to learn
  • It can be used for cutting any shape that consists of arc and straight lines
Neptune Systems
Input Voltage 220V
Power Frequency 50Hz
Rated Power 180W
Display 7inch
Gas Depression Max 0.1 MPA
Oxygen Depressions Max 1.5 MPA
Suitable Gas Acetylene, Proagas, Methane
Cutting Type Flame
Effective Cutting Width According to Model
Effective cutting length According to Model
Effective cutting thickness Flame cutting : 0-150mm
Flame cutting : 0-150mm
Speed Plasma cutting 0-4000 mm/min unload > 8m
Flame cutting 0-1000 mm/min unload > 8m