Humanoid Robots

Robotic Tending Application

We at Neptune Systems help you design the next generation of humanoids, Robotic Tending Application & Robotic Pick and Place Application. Humanoids typically use brushed DC (BDC), brushless DC (BLDC), and Stepper motors, controlled by embedded microcontrollers together with dedicated motor driver ICs; TI’s multi-cell battery solutions for charging, balancing, monitoring, gauging and protection guarantee the critical requirement for safety, lifetime and durability & sensors system, 3D machine vision system and wireless connectivity solutions help to build flexible and advanced HMIs. Neptune’s fully tested reference designs help you quick-start your own new humanoids design or retrofit. Neptune designs demonstrate methods to quickly add innovative features to your humanoids:

  • High resolution and low cost 3D machine vision for location, mapping and gesture recognition
  • High efficiency and reliability servo motor drive for more precise, smooth motor drive and control system
  • Advanced HMIs technology with cost, performance and reliability optimum