Embedded Industries

We provide Microcontroller based design services (using PIC, AVR, ARM, Raspberry pi, Arduino)

  • Embedded software development
  • Vision based automation services
  • IOT based applications.
  • Prototype design and development
  • PCB designing services
  • Embedded systems training, Academic projects
Tools and Technologies
  • Embedded C programming
  • Assembly language programming
  • Python programming
  • Linux
  • PCB designing in Eagle
  • Interfacing hardware with desktop applications using core java
Tools and Technologies

1. GSM operated relay Features:

This device remotely controls relay through SMS provides SMS and call alerts, can be programmed to be controlled by 5 authorized users. This is a universal system within built program that can be used in a variety of applications.

2. Home security system Features:

This is a standalone device which provide SMS and call alerts in case of security breaching. PIR sensor detects a human motion and alerts the registered numbers. Can send the SMS and call alerts to 5 registered users.

3. Settable timer relay Features:

The relay operation can be programmed in a cyclic order, eg. Relay ON for 5mins and OFF for 5mins. The relay operation can be RTC based, eg. Relay is turned ON every day at 10:00 hrs for 5 mins.

Customized projects
  • Raspberry Pi based project, where the data from 5 work stations had to be monitored on the web browser.
  • WIFI relay, where the relay was operated based on the settable timer in a windows based software. ESP8266 was used, no hardware rtc was used, and RTC was read using NTP protocol.
  • GSM based motor controller where the motor is turned ON/OFF with a SMS. Single phasing, motor overload, dry run conditions were also notified through an SMS.
  • Working on vibration monitoring system, this is an IOT based application where the data collected from the vibration sensor is sent to the cloud database in real time.