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Automatic Cutting Machine

i) Online Cutting Machine

Cold cutting is an essential part of the tube mill, which enable cutting of the tube to the pre-set length by a cut off machine. Designed for overall productivity & consistent product output. This system handles all types of products – circular, square & rectangular sections, cutting synchronization with use of AC Servo motor having inbuilt resolver for main drive faster response and better accuracy at higher speeds, feed AC Servo motor for cutting, this enables faster cutting and improved blade life. This system have provisions for HSS / Friction cutting / TCT blades as per requirement, this is unique feature of our system operator have provisions for type of blade selection rest of cutting parameters will be taken default, controlled cold/ TCT cutting results in clean cutting of the end without need for any end facing, system contains most modern technology & totally user friendly. Neptune Systems, your trusted provider of automatic cutting machines in India. We specialize in delivering cutting-edge solutions for precise and efficient cutting processes.

Product Characteristics:
  • Rigid fabrication structure fitted with solid machined alloy steel rail for smooth vibration free running of trolley.
  • Cutting arm and clamping assemblies are hydraulically operated. Vibration free rigid design.
  • The trolley Drive is through steel reinforced timing belt driven through AC Servo inbuilt resolver within built zero back lash planetary gear Box.
  • Blade driven through high torque AC Motor through a Zero back lash helical reduction Gear Box, specially designed in compact form for Cold Sawing application.
  • Saw Blade is made of coated HSS material with special tooth profile for cold sawing application.
  • Complete system designed to suit your existing mill.
  • Industrial Automatic Data Capturing and Identification Systems.
  • Fully-automatic control.
  • Liquid crystal display, human-computer interface.
  • Used for round, square & rectangular sections.
Main Performance and Technical Data:
Model Product Dia(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Specified length(m) Cutting precision(mm) Tracking speed (m/min)
CTC32 ф12-ф38 0.6-2.5 4-16 <±1.5:< /td> Max.90
CTC5O ф19-ф63 0.8-3.0 4-16 <±1.5 Max.90
CTC76 ф21-ф80 0.8-3.5 4-16 <±1.5 Max.80
CTC114 ф60-ф114 0.8-4.0 4-16 <±1.5 Max.60

ii) Automatic Cutting And De-Burring Machine

By Tool : For inline tube end de burring by means of ID /OD tools making the automatic inside & outside removal of bur, This machine is used for 16 mm to 52 mm OD higher size is also possible, it can be directly mounted on the unloading table of the mill and the tube movements will be fully automatic.

By Brush : For finishing tube end by using Imported SS brush, brush position will be vertical and horizontally adjustable, with their speed will be controlled by inverter tube movement on roller conveyors and working speed are automatically controlled through PLC Pipes of assorted length in the form of bundle will be loaded and get singled one by one automatically, singled pipe will be passed through Servo controlled length measuring system, depending on set length through operator panel initially it will cut first 10 mm followed by set length, if pipe to be cut less then set length pipe will be collected in rejection bin. For balancing cutting time & de burring time buffer is created between cutting & De burring operations, after De burring on one end pipe will be taken on other end for second side, after completion it will be collected on O/p stretchable belt collector.

Main Performance and Technical Data:
Model Product Dia(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Specified length(m) Cutting precision(mm) Tracking speed (m/min)
CTC32 ф12-ф38 0.6-2.5 2-16 <±1.0 /0: Max. 120
CTC5O ф19-ф63 0.8-3.0 2-16 <±1.0 /0
CTC76 ф21-ф80 0.8-3.5 2-16 <±1.0 /0
CTC114 ф60-ф114 0.8-4.0 2-16 <±1.0 /0
Neptune Systems
Neptune Systems

iii) Automatic offline Cutting and De-Burring machine

  • Input Pipe is in the form of Bundle of Varying Lengths, Size of 150 Nos. and weight max. Of 5 tons.
  • Cut Length Accuracy can be achieved +-1 mm for the length of 16 meters.
  • Pipe OD – 16 mm to 100 mm
  • Wall Thickness–1mm to 3.5mm (Pipe Wall Thickness less than 1mm, client has to specify)
  • Ovality – Maximum 50 Microns
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) will be have following settable parameters –
  • Cut Length b) Pipe Diameter c) Wall Thickness d) Fast Forward & Cutting Advancement
  • Servo Speed for Pipe Advancement / Cutting Position
  • Cut Length can be varied depend on requirement between 2 meters to 16 meters through HMI and pipes will be cut on set lengths. In the event of cut length is less than 1 mm as per set parameters, pipe will get rejected and thrown in the Rejection Bin.
  • After the end of cut for current pipe, the end piece will get pushed by new pipe which will be loaded from Singling Conveyor, in the event of cut length is within set parameters it will be cut and pushed to accepting buffer else if it is less than set length, will be rejected.
  • For De Burring, Pipe Dia. Varies from 16 mm TO 100 mm.
  • De Burring will be done for OD, ID & Facia together with the help of Plunge Tooling.
  • Cutting & De burring operations are Simultaneous.
  • Flexible Tooling – Same tooling can be used for various diameters without changing frequently.
  • Repeatability of 0.1 mm can be achieved without affecting Cut Length.
  • Ovality of 50 microns is achievable.
  • Online De Burring can be augmented with existing Friction/Cold Cutting.
  • Rate of de burring speed will be at par with the Tube Mill Speed.
  • Length Variation – 4 meters to 22 meters Material – Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel Tooling – Plunged (TCT Tool) for ID/OD/Facia OR Wire Brush as per client’s requirement Tooling Advancement/Feeding – Servo OR Pneumatic as per client’s requirement.

iv) Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine

A fully automatic pipe cutting machine with bundle cut option. Standard 90° cutting. PLC control machine with 7” touch screen interface with single length cutting schedule.

Counter stopper and resettable counter for complete data keeping. 6 interlock/ protection (alarms) eliminatemalfunction or accident due human or other circumstantial mistakes/error. Length tolerance within +/- 0.2 mm. Self-written software allows continues upgrades which are free for all previous machine owners. On- board error detection system allows immediate help and repair of machine of most parts. Manual use option to use the machine on manual mode.

User can feed in actual RPM required on the touch screen, no switch selection or chart calculation like other imported machine of same range. Input air pressure maintaining switch cum alarm. These features are not available with any machine of same range. Current overload protection is through software interlock, which is very precise, no chance of malfunction. Thus prevents blade breakage up to 80%.

  • Auto feed (Bunch Cutting) – Auto Clamping – Auto Cut piece Ejecting, PLC Control Machine, Length Accuracy +-0.2 through DRO length setting
  • Main Motor 5HP/3HP with VFD
Max. OD 100mm
Max. size bunch 70X70
Max. Thickness 7mm
Bade size 250/275/300/315
Clamping Auto-hydro pneumatic
Feed Hydraulic/Servo
Cutter head Advancement LM guide ball screw/hydraulic
Length setting Through HM1
Max. / Min. length 50mm/3000mm
Neptune Systems
Neptune Systems

v) Semi-Automatic Cold Cutting Machine

Ideal for cutting of small bars, round pipes & sections, feed clamping advancement through Hydro pneumatic and cutting head is having arrangement for setting angle as per requirement.

  • Pneumatic automatic clamp and saw head feed system
  • Two-sided clamp reducing noise and vibration.
  • Self-centering clamp system.
  • Groove clamp jaws for working a variety of materials.
  • Blade rotation automatically start/ stops with cycle.
  • Built in blade lubrication system with recovery tank.
  • Easy to use angle adjustment for material cuts. Up to 45° in both directions.
  • High performance worm gear arrangement.
  • Two selectable blade rotation speeds.
  • Variable speed air over oil blade feeding system.
  • Adjustable feed stroke for top and bottom of cut.
  • Foot pedal or push button cycle start activation. Both included.
  • Adjustable length stop.